Metallic Curtain Party Decoration- Black 6 Ft

Metallic Curtain Party Decoration- Black 6 Ft
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Product Description:

Spangles” circles beaded curtain is made out of awesome metallic PVC circles. Each bead is attached to the next using jump rings, which makes this curtain very easy to make longer if you wish. You’d just purchase additional curtains and add the strands using the jump rings. Easy as pie! The Metallic PVC Circles are 1.5” in diameter. There are 12 strands on each curtain. This curtain is perfectly lightweight, making it a great item for hang for your special events too! It will shimmer and shake with a little bit of breeze, which makes the room really come alive! The rod is 3 ft wide and the length of each strand is 6 ft.  On this style of curtain, the hanging hardware (the metal eyelets at the top) slide back and forth on the rod making it the PERFECT curtain to alter in width! So if you need to cover a space that’s 47″ wide, you would use two of this curtain. Just cut the second curtain down and hang it next to the first curtain. This will look like you’ve got just one perfect curtain hanging up!  

The Metallic curtain can be use at all occasions, or house decoration.  Great for a wedding, sweet 16, baby shower annversary or birthday party for any special event or family reubion.

Features and specs:

Include: 1 

Measurement:  6 feet long by 3 feet wide

Color: Black  


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